Lexie Hammesfahr

Hollywood, Here She Comes: Marietta Native Packs Up, Heads to L.A. to be Entertainment Host on Television

May, 2014 · By Lexie Hammesfahr

Lexie Hammesfahr loves the entertainment business. The Marietta resident who graduated Saturday from Southern Methodist University is headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an entertainment host.

“The entertainment industry has always fascinated me. It’s been a passion for me my entire life,” said Hammesfahr, who majored in convergence journalism with a focus on broadcast.

When her maternal grandmother, Joan Adams, died in 2006, Hammesfahr turned to television entertainment. “(Television) helped keep my mind off things, helped me get through the loss of her. She was my best friend,” said Hammesfahr, a 2010 Marietta High School graduate. She is the daughter of Jodie and Rick Hammesfahr.

The optimistic qualities of entertainment appeal to her.

“Entertainment is the one source of news that, for the most part, is positive and upbeat. It’s a nice break for people to have from all the negative things going on in our society today. I want to contribute to something that will keep people’s minds off whatever stress they have in their lives,” she said.

Last summer, Hammesfahr interned for Entertainment Tonight. Chosen from a field of interns, she assisted a senior producer in charge of award shows and film festivals. Hammesfahr was charged with creating the interview schedule for ET at Comic-Con, an annual entertainment and comic convention in San Diego.

“Because I knew the schedule so well, (the producer) asked me to go down and work,” said Hammesfahr, who worked side-by-side with celebrities during the ET interviews. She also attended the highly coveted after party, rubbing elbows with stars such as Julia Roberts, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Ben Affleck and Sara Gilbert.

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