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Dance Moms Stars Nia and Holly Frazier Join AfterBuzz TV

October, 2014 · By Lexie Hammesfahr

Nia and Holly Frazier, stars of Lifetime’s Dance Moms, joined AfterBuzz TV hosts Lexie Hammesfahr, Candice Camacho, Francisco Thurston and Tony Moore to discuss part one of the series’ season finale.

The show might be more aptly titled “Dance Drama.” The fan favorite, and highly respected, mother-daughter duo, Nia and Holly Frazier, discussed the necessity of remaining positive and respectful in a high intensity environment. “I think as an educator and also as a mother, I want my children, Nia, my daughter, to see that there are different ways that you can resolve conflict,” Dr. Holly says. “Just because you are quiet, just because you are someone who tries to be a team player does not mean you’re a doormat.

When you see something that’s wrong, you can’t just sit by and do nothing. You have to speak up…It’s not just about Nia. It’s about all of the girls.” She continues, “It’s not about jealousy, it’s about justice. And when I see an injustice, I feel like I have to speak up…If you’re willing to say, do, act a certain way, I will hold you accountable to that.”

Episode 30, “Here We Come Hollywood, Part 1,” reveals Nia’s hip-hop side during a dance battle with the Candy Apples Dance Center in Los Angeles. “I didn’t know I could do that. I’ve really never danced like that in my entire life and it was just fun being competitive but still having fun at the same time,” she says. “We don’t do a lot of hip-hop or improv at our studio so it’s really nice to have that experience.”

On standing up for herself against dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, Nia says that it is sometimes nerve wracking because Abby will tell her that she is talking back. “It’s like, I wasn’t talking back. I was just having a voice and not getting stomped on by you because I’m much more powerful than that.” She continues, “I do get what Abby says to some extent. She pushes us so hard that some things you just need to block out…I try my best.”

Nia has a message for her fans: “I wanted to say that I love all my fans and I just want them all to be on team Nia.” Nia will also be releasing an iPhone app, Nia Nation, in the near future. “I’m really excited because more people can see what my life is like without actually going on Instagram.” She will also be featured in more Sharkcookie photo shoots. “I’m so excited for everything that’s happening for me. I’ve come so far and I just hope everybody follows me.”

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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